NOTE: This review covers the GRE® National Psychology Exam
This is an online tutoring review service to help you study for the GRE ® Psychology Exam ETS™ to enter a Masters or Doctorate program in Psychology. It is designed to cover the basic areas in psychology. Included in this site are practice test questions, case study format, simulations, audio, study buddy, test strategies and content material covering the practice of Psychology. Areas also address DSM-4, assessment, hypothesizing and diagnosing, designing and conducting treatment, evaluating ongoing process and treatment planning, intervention and prevention, counseling skills, legal and ethical issues, statistics and research. 

Content also covers Diagnosis and fact-finding, Intervention and prevention, Applied psychological foundations, Applied educational foundations, and Ethical and legal considerations - along with additional information necessary to pass the examination

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The Psychology subject area examination is part of a set of requirements many graduate programs require for admission. If you need certification or licensure requirements contact the American Psychology Association (APA) to find out the current requirements and procedures, which may vary from state to state. Only they can give you OFFICIAL and CURRENT answers to your important questions. and Licensure Exams, Inc. are NOT affiliated nor associated with the American Psychology Association (APA) or any body involved with the Psychology subject area exam. ETS™, and any other organization invoved with this exam DO NOT endorse nor provide information to this Psychology exam review program.